Lap dance club Londra

Ad job offers local nightlife in London, England. We are looking for dancers

SYSTEM-podium dance , table dance in private booths and private VIP's.



• club opening hours : 4.00 pm - to 6.00 am .

The Dancer should work a min. 4 shifts out of 6 per week .

Shifts are scheduled one week in advance by the club's dancing division.




• The dancer earns 100% from the table dances values sold to the custumers.

One table dance price is £20 one song ( 4min.) .

VIP's prices are £175 for 30 min. and £300 for 60 min. Earnings are paid to the Dancer every morning. The Dancer pays daily £40 , stage fee, before start working.




• The Dancer will dress as per individual club instructions. Please ensure that you will have dancewear to include long elegant evening dress, fantasy outfits, shoes and relevant accessories.



• £800 - £2000 per week, depending on individual experience.



• minimum 18 years old of age

• nice, slim body shape.

• English conversational knowledge.

• good communications skills, good self confidence.

• .previous experience demanded



• The Dancer should work for a minimum of 2 weeks. The stay can be extended as well for 1 month , 3 months or 6 months.



• In the Clubs are working between 20-50 dancers from UK, Poland, Czech R., Romania, Lituania, Slovacia.

• Good management, good ambiance.




• After you've applied and been selected , you can start immediately ( 2, 3 days to arrange the trip ) or you can specify when you are available to start , then you will be put on schedule for that date.



• In a hotel or apartment, nearby the club at £40 per day , including basic made services.




• The transport to London is paid by the Dancer ( Paco Agency can pay up to 50 % of the transport value through our travel agencies , if the dancer doesn't have enough money ) . We have affiliate travel agencies where our staff can find for you the most convenient ways of travel . Check with us !


• If you arrange your travel journey individually, please advise us in time, you need to come earlier to the club for registration.


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  • #1

    maria (mercoledì, 16 ottobre 2013 18:50)

    Hey...this is my phone number 00393896916094 i work in Italy ...lap dance.i whant to work in this bar what i have too make...?dancing o fuking:))))

  • #2

    Andreea (giovedì, 16 gennaio 2014 09:11)

    Ciao sn da la Romania e lavoro in Italia in un lap dance volevo prova anche a Londra pero il inglese nn lo parlo bene capisco quasi tutto ...

  • #3

    ella (venerdì, 31 gennaio 2014 22:40)

    Ciaoo pure io volevo provare in lap dance a londra perro parlo poco inglese, capisco quasi tutto. Rumena 20 ani.

  • #4

    nico (martedì, 03 febbraio 2015 17:08)

    Ciaoo.Io sono Nico e volevo sappere cosa si fa
    dancing o
    fuking?.Io sono in london pero o lavorato in italia .Rumena 24ani!

  • #5

    issa (venerdì, 13 febbraio 2015 22:24)

    ciao sono issa voglio lavorare sono in londra e no lo so trovare un locale

  • #6

    Sele (domenica, 17 gennaio 2016 16:45)

    Sono interessata un numero di telefono?? Anch'io sono a Londra

  • #7

    Yessenia (mercoledì, 26 ottobre 2016 17:17)

    CIAO sono appena arrivata a londra e ho bisogno di soldi. Non ho mai fatto questi lavori. 25 anni. Puoi darmi più informazioni?

  • #8

    Dajana (martedì, 03 gennaio 2017 02:32)

    I am an Italian student looking for work in London. I have an au pair here but would like to increase my earnings. I await a detailed explanation on the schedules

  • #9

    Monia (giovedì, 09 marzo 2017 05:22)

    Dai lineamenti arabeggianti,dalle movenze sinuose e dal seno prosperoso e dal fare eccitante e provocante mi candido.

  • #10

    Marta (lunedì, 04 settembre 2017 13:59)

    hello i am italian i am 20 years old, my height is 1 58, the weight of 45 kg. and interested in working as a dancer, my english is not perfect, but I learn in a hurry ..

  • #11

    Sarah (lunedì, 30 ottobre 2017 14:38)

    Sono interessata all annuncio.. Un abbraccio